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Pacific Grand Ball

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Registration  |  Rules & Regulations

For a PDF version of rules and regulations, please click here.

| Pro/Am Competitions

No additional entry discounts will be applied to Packages. Available categories are listed in the table below. Competitors may enter events in all levels of the same category (i.e. all Bronze). Professionals may not enter more than one student in the same level in Freestyle Competitions. (i.e. You may only dance with one student in “Ladies A1 Newcomer International Waltz”). In any category with fewer than 3 entries, the organizers reserve the right to eliminate the age divisions and merge events into one open division.

Pre Bronze Int.
Bronze Full Bronze
Open Bronze
Pre Silver Int.
Silver Full Silver
Open Silver
Pre Gold Int. Gold
Open Gold

| Pro/Am Age Divisions

Adult:   A1 (19-35)   A2 (36-50)  B1 (51-60)   B2(61-70)   C (71+)
Youth:   A (under 18)

| Scholarship & Other Competitions

To qualify for any scholarship event, a student must have a minimum of 5 other entries in single dance or multi-dance events per each scholarship entered. Multi-dance events count as 2 entries. In the event of lack of entries, the organizer has the right to cancel or to reduce the prize money for any competitions.
Multi Dance and Scholarship Age Categories: A (18-45) B (46+) C (61+)

| Solo Routines

No solo routine is allowed to exceed three minutes. Music will be faded out after three minutes. All solo routine music must be on CD. Please make recordings carefully and use the best available equipment.

| Formation Routines

No formation routine is allowed to exceed five minutes. Music will be faded out after five minutes. All formation routine music must be on CD. Please make recordings carefully and use the best available equipment. There must be a minimum of 4 couples for a formation team.

| Amateur Categories

Newcomer (Syllabus restriction through Gold, 1 year experience)
Closed Bronze (Syllabus restriction through Bronze)
Silver (Syllabus restriction through Silver)
Pre-Novice (Syllabus restriction through Gold)
Novice/Pre-Champ (Open choreography allowed)
Pre-Champ/Advance (Open choreography allowed)

Costumes: Restrictions for Newcomer to Pre Novice. Please follow NDCA Rules.

| Amateur Age Divisions

Please Note: All age groups will be determined by the Date of Competition, not Birth Year on a competition day.

Pre-Teen I:   9th birthday or less
Pre-Teen II:  10 – 11 years old
Junior I:   12 – 13 years old
Junior II:   14 – 15 years old
Youth:   16 – 18 years old
Adult:   19 – 34 years old
Senior I:   35 – 45 years old
Senior II:   46+ years old

| Awards Rules & Requirements

Top Teacher Pot of Gold

Every Teacher with 20+ entries gets $5 for each entry. Junior entries count as 1/2.

| Entry Deadline

All entries must be received by email, fax, mail or online by September 10th.  Late entries or drop-ins will be subject to a Late Fee of $5 for each entry.

| Cancellation and Refunds

The deadline for a refund or a cancellation is 14 days prior to the commencement date of the competition. After the deadline, refunds will only be considered in cases of emergency when accompanied by a Doctor’s Certificate and may be subject to a $100 service fee. Cancellations made at the event cannot be substituted by another entry, and no refund will be made in the event of such cancellations

ALL ADMISSION TICKET SALES ARE FINAL, NON-EXCHANGEABLE AND NONREFUNDABLE. No substitutions will be allowed for entry cancellations at the event.


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